a crossroads of sectors & cultures engaged for a just & sustainable planet

Welcome to CSR Geneva

We are a social network for Geneva-based people interested in corporate responsibility, accountability, sustainability, social enterprise, & responsible finance. We share information on relevant events, reports, jobs & opinions, & gather for seasonal social events & ad hoc dinners when ‘global gurus’ are in town.

In Geneva there are a variety of inter-governmental, corporate, financial & non-governmental organisations working on these topics. We are building on this global town’s role as a crossroads for people from different cultures and professions so they can learn from each other. Participation is free to anyone interested in what Geneva-based organisations are doing on this agenda. CSR Geneva is informal & not affiliated with any organisation.

To get involved, join our mailing list by visiting yahoogroups page, or sending a blank email to csrgeneva-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you want to participate more fully by sharing info on what you do, and start discussing ideas and projects, join our linked in group.

If you have a specific proposal for an event, contact the organising team by emailing: jb at lifeworth.com

CSR Geneva Convenors are:

Anthony Miller, UNCTAD

Aurore Bui, SOFTWEB and UN Women and Coordinator of Net Impact Geneva.

David Newbury, Aura One Movement

Jem Bendell, Lifeworth Consulting and Community Forge (Co-Founder of CSR Geneva)

Lena Staafgard, Better Cotton Initiative

Michael Hopkins, MHC International

Sonja Loosli, Independent CSR Professional

Teodorina Lessidrenska, Globethics.net

Xavier Malagoli, KENDRIS private Ltd

Ex Officio:

Cheryl Hicks, Sustainability Advisor (Co-Founder of CSR Geneva)

Nicole Thonnard Voillat, BATA (Co-Founder of CSR Geneva)

Valerie Weinzerl, Head of Project Development, HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of Governance (Co-Founder of CSR Geneva)

Roland Widmer, Independent Consultant (Co-Founder of CSR Geneva)

Caroline Twigg, WBCSD

Daria Cibrario, European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Unions


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