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Landscape Auction: Innovative Financing Mechanism for Nature Conservation

When: Wednesday, 13 May 2009 – From 08H00 – 09H00. Be on time!

Where: Pain Quotidien, Rive, 21 Boulevard Helvétique, Geneva

Cost: CHF 14.– included hearty and healthy breakfast

tropical-forestOur next CSR Geneva breakfast will focus on a unique event, an example      of how companies make their CSR ambitions tangible. On the 9th of June the International Tropical Conservation Foundation, Papiliorama, and Triple E are organizing the ‘Landscape Auction for Belize’. The Landscape Auction is an innovative mechanism to attract funding for nature conservation. Set up as a business-to-business event, Swiss companies are invited to place a bid on a diverse selection of biodiversity living in Belize: such as a Jaguar, the Kinkajou, the Mexican anteater or a giant Mahogany tree. By bidding, companies together realise the purchase of pristine tropical forest in the north of Belize. When the auction is successful, the forest will be purchased and added to the existing Shipstern nature reserve.

At the breakfast, a month before the ‘Landscape Auction for Belize’ will take place, a challenging and exciting time, Lieske van Santen, International Advisor at Triple E, will talk about the Landscape Auction mechanism and provide some context in which this innovative finance mechanism is developed. A brief overview of experiences gained at previous Landscape Auctions will introduce a discussion about the willingness of companies to move “from talking to acting”. What drives companies to support the purchase of a piece of forest? Are they interested and ready to move from CSR ambitions on paper to a tangible result in practice. Lieske can be reached at lieske@tripleee.nl.












































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