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Put your CSR ‘house’ in order for greater social impact

Softweb in partnership with Balance Verbier offers the “Put your CSR ‘house’ in order for greater social impact” workshop to increase the organizational CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and increase its social impact.

The training will take place in the premises of the Centre De L’Esperance on Tuesday 18th December 2012, 9:00 am – 4:30pm, Geneva,

The workshop, focusing on developing organizational resilience, will be divided into two parts:

In the morning session, we will explore the following:

• Current vision and vision in 3-5 years

• How your organizational values currently link to your strategy

• How you meet your organizational needs for certainty, risk, and connection with service users and stakeholders.  Also, respect and credibility, growth (scale, staff development) and social impact by mapping these with business processes

In the afternoon, we will build on the morning session by a deeper exploration of the topics: 

• Understanding if your current strategy is making it possible to really live your organizational values

• Exploring how to adapt your strategy and/or business processes to do this

• Exploring how to adapt your current communication with stakeholders and potential partners to reflect/describe how you live your organizational values

This is the final step in increasing organizational resilience: setting goals and building bridges towards your vision.

At the heart of the programme is the following premise:

“Since finding meaning in one’s environment is such an important part of resilience, it should come as no surprise that the most successful organizations and people possess value systems. Strong values infuse an environment with meaning because they offer ways to interpret and shape events.” How Resilience Works, Diane L Coutu, Harvard Business Review 2002

Practical information:

Put your CSR ‘house’ in order for greater social impact!

Venue Centre De L’Esperance 8, Rue de la Chappelle Conference Room Rhone (1st Floor) Bus 5 (direct from the airport and train station Cornavin and Tram 12 stop Terrassière) there is possible to use either the Parkings Villereuse or Eaux-Vives 2000.

Places are limited, so please reserve your place by emailing elaine@balanceverbier.com or julieta.cussino@yoursoftweb.org by 12th December 2012.

More information @ http://www.yoursoftweb.com/documents/SOFTWEB-Formation-CSR-Dec2012.pdf