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Want to Link and be Linked?

Can your organisation link to our network? If you are a Geneva based organisation relevant to CSR then we will link back to you. Please use the following text for your website, complete with a link to this website, and email us the page and we will link to you. Email: connect at csrgeneva.org


CSR Geneva is a social network for professionals working in Geneva who are interested in promoting more responsible and sustainable business worldwide.  It embraces the unique advantage of this international town as a meeting place for people from different cultures and professions — business, governments, NGOs, IGOs — to meet and share ideas on Corporate Social Responsibility and  Sustainable Development issues.  Our aim is to help each other work towards a sustainable, more compassionate and equitable world, by encouraging engagement between committed people in business, governments, NGOs and IGOs.  Established in June 2006, participation is free to anyone interested in connecting with Geneva-based colleagues on this topic.  An online community helps participants to share information on relevant events, reports, jobs and opinions.  We gather for seasonal social events, every 3 months and for topical dinner and breakfast meetings with thought leaders in this area (Geneva-based or internationals passing through town). Visit us at http://www.csrgeneva.org and join the email group  by sending an email to csrgeneva-subscribe@yahoogroups.com). CSR Geneva’s organisers are Jem Bendell (Lifeworth), Cheryl Hicks (WBCSD), Roland Widmer (One Advisory), Nicole Thonnard Voillat (Convergence Durable) and Valerie Weinzierl (WEF).


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